Therapeutical Applications

Below you will find information about the various therapeutical applications of our PRP and stem cell kits for treatments and therapies.


Anti-Aging Lab - Therapeutical Applications
Tendons and Muscle Injuries

PRP Treatment is one of several therapies that can assist the in the natural healing of injuries to the tendon and osteoarthritis, without the need for the patient to be subjected to any level of risk. By combining the natural ability of the body to heal along with cutting edge technology, the treatment offers patients that possibility of a full recovery of their injuries.


In April 2014 a study was published that showed that patients who received PRP injections during the primary stages of knee osteoarthritis led to a reduction of pain for the patient. It also showed that further improvements could be made by the annual repetition of the treatment.

Bone Repair

Treatments for bone repair with composites that are made from stem cells are an ideal therapy and can help with degenerative and post-traumatic cases. Combining bone marrow ( which is rich in the heterogenous population of stem cells - both mature and pluripotent ) and Autologous Thrombin Serum ( ATS ) forms an autologous glue that is biological in nature and used for bone reconstruction and the bio integration of prosthetic implants.

Cartilage Repair

The microenvironment of bone marrow, includes well known blood cell progenitors as well as a range of immature cells such as pre-adipocytes and mesenchymal stem cells. A variety of studies that have taken place show that bone marrow stem cells play an important role in the regeneration of tissue. Our PRP treatment kits can assist with the necessary therapies in creating a liquid form of autologous cell concentrate that has been obtained from the bone marrow.

Skin Care

Bone Repair - Therapeutical Applications
Skin Texture & Colour

PRP injections have the ability to release growth factors, which are tiny molecules that act as a sort of messenger to initiate the natural process of skin regeneration.


PRP Injections in the form of A-PRP ( Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma ) can provide a range of treatments for scras, acne and stretch marks. Once injected into the dermis, it supports, accelerates and increases the process of tissue regeneration. A-PRP stimulates neoangionesis through stell cell division and differentiation.

Post Laser

A-PRP ( Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma ) is used to stimulate the cells of the patient in order to regenerate the connective tissue of the skin. This results in accelerated healing post laser and also chemical peels. This treatment will also improve the elasticity, thickness and tone of the skin.

PRP + Fat Grafting

PRP treatments can provide a wide range of essential growth factors such as TGF, EGF, PDFG and FGF, which are used in stem cell and fibroblast and endothelial proliferation and differentiation.

Chronic Wounds

Varicose Ulcers, Bedsores, Diabetic Wounds

A solution of plasmas that has been enriched with platelets from the patient's blood are applied locally and can assist in the healing process of non-responsive chronic would such as bedsores and varicose ulcers. There are also bactericidal properties inside the PRP that makes it ideal to be used for the prevention of wounds after surgery.

A particularly effective treatment for ulcers is the application of A-PRP, which sets off the healing process, and decreases pain and inflammation. This is turn leads to a descrease in the amount of time a patient will need to be hospitalized.