Company Profile

Anti-Aging Lab is a recently held company with human resources that accumulate more than 25 years of experience in the development and commercialization of tailored solutions for the biomedical field. The Company is focused on advanced regenerative medicine and stem cell based therapy trough the development and commercialization of innovative solutions by combining advanced cell technology and advanced biomaterials for orthopaedic, spine, traumatology, maxillofacial and aesthetic markets.


Anti-Aging Lab - Company Profile

To become a global enabler of regenerative medicine in daily clinical life by offering integrated cutting-edge tissue engineering solutions.


To help doctors extend and improve the quality of life of their patients through the development of novel biologic solutions that are safe, efficacious, and cost-effective. Our groundbreaking product portfolio aims to aid in the repair, regeneration, or replacement of damaged soft and hard tissues including skin, ligament, bone and articular cartilage. Thus, to create business opportunity with limitless perspectives.

Core Values

Our core values are driven by the fact that we want to develop innovative products that will help people live a healthier life.

We want to do this through scientific excellence and true innovation, by operating with the highest standards of integrity, expanding access to our products and services and employing a committed, self-motivated, innovative, proactive, dynamic, results and detail-oriented workforce that values collaboration.