Autologous Therapy Devices

Below you will find details of the Autologous Therapy Devices that we currently have available.

All in One

One device for treating ADSC/FATTRANSFER/PRP/PRF

Smallest & simplest system for stem cell isolation Centrifuge, Incubator, Shaker in ONE device
Autologous Therapies Device
All in One is a specially designed medical device to satisfy diverse demands for various autologous cell therapies (ADSCs, PRP, PRF, Fat washing, etc). All in One is intended to enable physicians and surgeons to practice ADSC (Adipose Derived Stem Cells) treatments in their own clinics in the most convenient and safest way. All in One is a unique device which includes a centrifuge, shaker, and incubator.


- One Device for treating ADSC/Fat transfer/PRP/PRF etc

- Low profile, ultralight, all-in-one system

- Prevents air contamination (Closed system)

- Timesaver (50 mins)

- One-button protocol

- High Capacity (Maximum volume of 800cc per use)

- FDA/CE/KFDA certified

Autologous Collagen Device


Autologous Collagen is a revolutionary new treatment that is used for wrinkle treatments and volumizing effect of target areas.
Autologous Collagen Device
It was named autologous collagen due to a fact that the material is obtained from patient's own blood.

Previous autologous collagen injections would not last longer than 2-3 weeks but the new method of Antiaging Lab increased the time sustainability after injection, and many growth factors and Cytokines from the use of PRP activator assisted in the rejuvenation and restoration of the skin.