Autologous Therapy Devices

Below you will find details of the Autologous Therapy Devices that we currently have available.

All in One

Device for treating Adipose Derived Stem Cells, PRP, PRF

All-in-one is a device that simplifies the isolation of cells from all tissue sources and consistently generates 50 to 60% higher yields when compared to competitors using the same sample volume.
All-In- One's semi-automatic process eliminates the need for specially-trained laboratory personnel and allows for simple, consistent reproducible results. Maximize cell counts and viability from the smallest of samples with ease.

The device’s simple, easily navigated user interface features presets to meet specific protocol standards. Simply choose the protocol desired and process autologous specimens with the push of a button.

All-In-One's specimen kits meet any clinician’s adipose processing needs. They allow for no fuss transfer through a completely closed system, thereby minimizing the risk for cross-contamination and reduced cell viability due to environmental influences. All-In-One's kits are the lowest priced consumable kit on the market.


Stromal vascular fraction (SVF) is a newer form of stem cell therapy that is made up of stem cells harvested from adipose tissue (fat) found in body.

Adipose tissue is one of the richest sources of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). When compared to an equal volume of aspirated bone marrow, one gram of fat contains in excess of 500-2500 times more stem cells.

Autologous Plasma Filler Device

Autologous Collagen Device
Autologous Plasma Filler is a quick and reliable device to turn Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) into plasma gel filler.

It is a revolutionary new treatment that is derived from patient’s own blood (autologous) and it is used to augment fine lines and wrinkles, to volumise, lift and rejuvenate face, neck and hands. It was named autologous plasma filler due to a fact that the material is obtained from patient's own blood